First-aid for stressed execs


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Are you in the grips of an agency emergency?

Are you having a copy crisis? Starting to worry that you’re heading for a media meltdown?

Fear no more.  The Emergency Copywriter is first-aid for stressed execs, your first call when every second counts.

We are experienced in crafting quality, creative copy that meets strict brand guidelines, tight word limits and pressing deadlines.  The Emergency Copywriter delivers content written by native English speakers with experience of working internationally, particularly in Europe and the UAE.

The Emergency Team

Outbreaks and Cures

TREATMENT: The Chill Pill

TREATMENT: The Chill Pill

We’re proud of our reputation for producing quality content for big name brands across the globe. You can rest assured you will be getting first-rate work that keeps clients happy.

TREATMENT: The Vitamin D(one)

TREATMENT: The Vitamin D(one)

Our fast responses and quick turnaround times will free up some time for you and give you a fighting chance of hitting all those fast-approaching deadlines.

TREATMENT: The Branding Band-Aid

TREATMENT: The Branding Band-Aid

We’ll help you hold things together. We can get started on one piece of the puzzle while you’re ironing out the rest of the project details.


After a lifesaver to help meet a tight deadline? Looking for a spark of creative inspiration? Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at that website? Whatever your content-related emergency, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get you feeling better again.

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